Hi guys – Walt and Mike here. It’s been a while, we know. And it sucks. And here’s why.

Since launching GUARDIAN OF THE GATES three years (and 100+ pages) ago, we’ve been able to maintain a pretty regular publishing schedule – a few gaps here and there, sure, plus breathers between chapters, but a page a week was largely the rule and, realistically, the most we could do given… well, life.

We wrapped Chapter Four this summer, with a cliffhanger that had been in the works for years and which we couldn’t have been more excited about. We couldn’t wait to get Chapter Five in front of your faces as soon as possible, and then…


We’re not making excuses here. Yes, the dayjobs got more hectic and demanding, as did the families/kids/etc. But that’s not your concern, nor should it be. You used to have a new page of GUARDIAN to read. Now you don’t. Simple as that.

We want to change that, and are working to change that. Work on Chapter Five continues, pages are finished and ready to go, but given that we can’t commit to a regular publishing schedule at this point, we’re holding on to them for a bit. Chapter Five is our best, most kickass chapter yet, and it hurts us to keep it under wraps, but we also don’t want to release a page here and there, without a long-term plan – our story deserves better, as do you.

It’s Thanksgiving, and we have tons to be thankful for. As we’ve said before, GUARDIAN OF THE GATES is a labor of love. Nick, March and Verrigo are members of our family, have been for years now, and we’re supremely grateful that you’ve gotten to know them too. Hang with us – their adventure’s not over yet. Not by a long damn shot.

An awesome holiday to you guys – and thank you,

Walt & Mike