Things were looking up for Nicodemus Finch – he had straight A’s, a cool dad, a possibly requited crush. Then Nick turned 14 and found out he’s not exactly who – or what – he thought he was. He’s more – much more. But with these new gifts comes a heavy burden and a deadly mission. Good thing he won’t be exactly alone.
If the old adage is true, beware James March – he has nothing left to lose. He’s wandered so long in search of answers, he’s sometimes forgotten the questions. He’s walked in bitter cold and ungodly heat, knocked on doors on every continent, hoped against reason and reality. But time is slipping through his fingers. He needs help.
Verrigo built a career of not asking questions – if someone wanted something, he found it, so long as the price was right. It was business. But then they made it personal. They changed the rules, so he changed too. Now nothing else matters. Not money. Not honor. Just their precious treasure, and finding it in time – which is running out.
In the beginning he had no name; then he had many. Warrior. Defender. Savior. And when he locked evil behind the Dark Gates, he became their Guardian. Centuries have come and gone but the Guardian remains – he’s the stuff of myth, a tale told over one too many pints, but one thing is certain: if he haunts you, you’ve given him reason.
Helena broke the rules – young and rebellious, she crossed from the Gray to see the Light and found love instead. Victor was everything the Gray wasn’t – tender, funny, warm. She kept her duty from him, not wanting the dream to end – but all dreams do. The Gray beckoned. She broke his heart. She broke her own. She left their child.
The day Kay learned his lineage was the day he made himself a promise – to be worthy of the tremendous power and responsibility that would someday be his. As a student, he worked harder, trained longer, excelled beyond excellence – but class is over now. It’s game time, and the fate of a world – of worlds – rests on Kay’s shoulders. Is he ready?