Hey guys! We don’t blog as often as we should, but today we felt the need for a couple of reasons:

First and foremost – thank you for reading GUARDIAN OF THE GATES. If you’re new to our story, welcome, and hope you stay! And if you’ve been reading us for a while, man, you have no idea how that makes us feel. Warm and awesome and gooey, deep down inside. Thank you. Which brings us to…

Second – if you’re a newbie, the grizzled vets can attest: if you’re looking for a linear, easy-to-follow-on-autopilot story requiring little back-reading… well, GOTG isn’t it. The story we wrote and love is layered and rich, and that’s the story we want to bring you.

We knew, given our online publication schedule, that this could bite us. We would lose some people. But we counted on more folks finding GOTG and liking it enough to go with our twists and turns, and read back to get the full experience.

Today’s page is a great example: Kay’s journey – and the message he carries – is the result of the gruesome Attack of the Black Blades back in Chapter 1.

See? You want to read back already.

Because GOTG isn’t just about Nick’s adventures alongside March and Verrigo. It’s also about Kay’s education and self-discovery. And Victor and Helena’s love and sacrifice. And the Council’s duty. And, yeah – even Lucan and Orwain’s knack for being in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time.

That being said, we’re not oblivious to the challenges of reading a story like ours in the way we’re putting it out, and we’ll do our best to help bridge the gaps. But if something ever seems out of left field, it’s a good bet the missing piece is in a previous chapter, waiting to be discovered.

Believe us – if we could post more pages more often, we would. That’s the dream, and a constant source of angst for your humble creators. Until then, we’re grateful for the time you spend with our little burgeoning weekly epic – it’s only the beginning, and we promise you great things to come!


Walt & Mike
Culver City, CA & Franklin, NC